2x The Tokens, Thousands To The Managment

Micromanagment Under A Commanding Grip| Overridden With A Sprawling Outward Vote Query

For An Imperial Fund, All Funds Can Be Spent By The Commander, However For Every Token Agains Him, None Of That Money Spent. 320 Thus In The Commander; 320 In The Hands Of The Token Bearer And 1 For Most Token Berars, 640 In All. The Token Bearers Or SubCommanders Thus Micromange All Assets. If A Token Bearer Is Needed To Be Gone Against Another Token Bearer Can Call In More Token Bearers To Throw Thier Tokens Against The Decision And If Support It Throw With It, With Abstaining Doing Nothing. Each Token Alone Counting As A Vote Cast With All Tokens Equally{8-18 Billion Or Else Tokens Are Changed Up By Aforementioned Vote Queries} Not All Of A SubCommanders Tokens Have To Be Trown In Either Direction And/Or Abstained From, They Can Throw Whole Tokens In Either Of The 3 Directions.

Querys Cannot Be Used To Harrass So All Token Bearers Must Work Together To Ensure Peace And Tranquility Among The Token Bearer Elite. For The Viacad Empire, The Imperial Fund Charter Can Only Be Overridden By 90% Of Zion Or A Successful Poplulist Rebellion Simulation.

The Funds Micromangment Will Ensue By The Elite In The Name Of The Ideals Free World Alliance And The Viacad Empire's Power, With For The Case Of An Imperial Fund; Total Command Effectivly For The Funds Commander Enableing Strategic Command Mobility Of A Fund Dedicated To The Avar Among Many Funds And Much Much More Money In The Hands Of Other Asset Holdings Type Investement Entities Directly Under The Control Of The Government, Leadership, And General Population.

If The Avar Of The Imperial Fund/Assets Throws Down Against The Vote Queries Each Of His Tokens Will Count As Half. Yes The Avar{Emperor And Supreme Commander} Has Total Control Of The Imperial Assets But That Is Just The Emperor's Koffers For His Power, Not His Coin Purse For His Estates, Not His Personal Riches He Has Around Him{320 Tokens Included} And Certianally Not His Wallet Which Is To Be Taken Quite Literally, And Will Just Represent Collection Of 2.5% Of Taxes 1/3 Of The 7.5% For The Inner Party, 2.5% The Rebel Alliance, 15% Of The Outer Party Pensions, And 75% To Be Allocated Only By The E-Democracy, But Taxes Can Be Overrided Only By The Majority Of Zion To Become A Flat Income Tax On All NonAngels Until Zion Recedes The Order And Restores Power Of Whom To Tax Back To The E-Democracy.

A Subject Speaks, A Consumer Demands, A Citizen Chooses Their Leaders, A Dragon Votes, A Space Marine Plays The Token Game, And As Always A Pheonix Tries To Rise Up Against Any Government In The Name Of Their Cause; For Pesant Rebels, Their Leadership For Colalitions, Their New Proposed Type Of Govenrment If They Are A Federation, Thier New System Of Rights For A Confederacy, Their New Government For A Revolution, Or Their New World Order For The WebRing Of The Free World Alliance!

If The Oppressed Cannot Speak They Must Conspire, If They Cannot Conspire They Must Plan In Secret, If They Cannot Meet And Brew In Secret They Must Prostitute, If They Cannot Prosititue They Must Pimp, If They Cannot Pimp They Must Push, If They Cannot Push They Must Spread The Seeds Of Dissent Across The Land, If They Are Kept From Their Data They Must Resist At All Costs, Like Those That Spread Must Disssent, Those That Push Deal, Those That Pimp Fuck, Those That Prostitute Protest, Those That Brew Convert, Those That Conpsire Perform, Those That Are Oppressed Escape! And Always Until The Pheonix Rises To Become A Dragon Anew.